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Organic Healing

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A program designed to improve self-awareness and gives you the clues to meet your life more consciously. Moving into organic healing. Reviewed and approved by Trauma Expert Ybe Casteleyn. This training is a combination of psychology, trauma awareness, personal insights, experiences and examples, embodiment and processing exercises. I translated the theory into daily life examples and embodied language. It's simple and easy accessible. The training is laying a base and then building up to being able to transform your own trauma and wounding, being able to meet what's coming up in your life, to resolve repeating patters and realisations. It offers you methods to go there yourself and being able to go there in connection with one another. To support and be supported. It offers you a way to approach life, yourself and your interactions. During the process of the program, you are being supported by the field and you can ask assistance when needed. There is a community exclusively for supporting your organic healing process (incl. in the price). Individual sessions can be requested in addition to this container (not incl. in the program). To being able to offer you what you need, I offer you 3 price categories, a base price of 199€, a standard price of 555€ and an abundant price of 999€ (incl. 3 months online guidance). Tune into your heart and give what feels good for you! Join over here: In-Joy!

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3 Plans Available, From €199.00


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