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Gathering of CO-creators

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' As a group we can do more '

Focus dream creation

What is your dream creation?

How do you feel about your creation?

Mentally, physically and energetically?

Who are you in your creation?

Is there still a gap between your creation and reality?

If these questions resonate, then this work could be for you.

' The power of a group creators can change worlds'


Everyone has his/her blueprint and their realization. I open the space so that you are visible and honored for who you are and what you bring, your system will be prepared for what you are meant to be and do. Instead of going through our processes individually, you are supported and carried by the group. The gap is being closed, the alignment of your different aspects of life starts.

All in sync with your blueprint and its realization.


- Alignment of yourself, your energetic field and your functioning. ​

- Alignment of your interactions, relationship, friendships and work relationships.

- Alignment of your physical manifestations and creations, e.g. work/business/main occupation.


We start by setting the group container, sharing and reflecting our dream creations/blueprint. Then we also name where we find ourselves stuck and how we want to see ourselves after this meeting. Our intentions are set. The following sessions we work by theme: e.g. self, relationships, work, physical manifestations. Depending on where the group is located, we go deeper into a certain theme and pay more attention to it. For each theme there is room to answer questions and go through personal processes.  

The alignment and transformations take place.  

Tools that are used:

- energetic bodywork, realignment, and ancient healing methods

- process work (based on Avalon, Heart IQ and Circling)

- connecting authentically (thanks to Heart IQ and circling)

- movement as transformation and integration

- integration into your daily life, organic initiations and healing processes

For whom?

The one who is devoted to self.

Wants to take on your challenges and initiations.

Wants to overcome resistance.

Wants to change self and its environment.

Wants to realize and manifest the true self in reality.

Wants to anchor the creations in the physical.


Sessions take place online, via Zoom.


English or Dutch depending on the international attendance.


Live Sessions On Hold

A beautiful alternative and in line with the group sessions is the online program 'Organic Healing', recordings with accompanying material and exercises that you can complete at your own pace and access to the online community - for exchange, questions and support.


Maia Elien


Prices vary according to your needs.

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Maia - Elien Van Bouchaute

Tel: +32497243197

Welcome to your dreamcreation!




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