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On the path in co-creating an authentic collective field and experiencing our true self. I have been consciously on this path myself for a number of years and at the moment it is becoming more and more refined. Listening to my soul deepens, my surrender to life and my path widen. I take the wisdom of my soul seriously and follow it, even if it sometimes doesn't make sense at all. The trust in the perfection of the presentation and unfolding of life has only been strengthened in recent years. Expanding the possibilities...


Life is a great creation and I invite you to master it.

Who are you? What wants to be birthed through you? How can you consciously work with this? Get to know yourself and your world better, learn to read your life and become your creation.

Our program

Focus dream creation

'The power of a group creators can change worlds'

The Challenge

I am providing a group space to become a stable embodied abundance beacon.

We go on a 4 month online journey starting 22/01/'22.

You want to see, recognise and transform your lack beliefs, fears, old stories, wounds and limits. 

Our loving field holds the opportunity to transform them during our journey.

Activate and refine your lack detector.

We will learn you to become a spotter and to meet the remnants yourself.

You want to change.

You want Abundance.

You are able to anchor in Abundance.

You are stabilising in Abundance and are aligning your life with it.

You can change your beliefs, lifestyle, way of doing business and realign with self.

You want to play in the new paradigm and explore in this new field.

We ask full commitment to the challenge and uprooting of the game.

Therefore we will invite you to have a call with us to:

> to see where you are at in relationship to lack, abundance, freedom & living your truth 

> to find out what the biggest obstacles are that keep you in Lack 
> to feel your commitment to live your truth 

> to feel if we are a match to dive deeper together 

> if we all feel a “Yes!” to give more details and personalize your investment

You want to shift and anchor in a new reality?

Maia Elien Van Bouchaute




Maia is an embodied soul, graduated as a clinical psychologist.

Fascinated by humans and their interactions. Committed to living truthful and authentic. Creating alternative ways of co-living, where sustainability and respect for the environment are central. Bringing heaven on earth.

Loving expressing, dance and movement.

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