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Organic Lɸving

'Becoming your dream'

Becoming one with your dreams.

Breathing out your dream.

Embodying yourself as you really are.

Expressing yourself unified with who you are:

* in your spoken and body language

* in your actions

* in your 'work'

*in your household

* in your family

* in your circle of friends

* in your area of residence

* in your city

* in your country

* in society

* in the universe


How does your dream image look?

Who are you?


How are you functioning?


What are you doing?


Where are you running around? What do you see in your environment?  


With whom do you interact?


How do you interact?


How does it feel to be able to BE fully you in this world?

Do you want to make your dreams come true?

If the answer to this question is yes, then this is for you. Then feel free to continue reading. If not, thank you for coming and I wish you the best of luck on your further quest and path.


How come you don't live your reality/dream world yet?

By perceiving limiting thoughts and ideas as truth.

'It's not realistic. It's just a dream, a dream is a dream, that's it.'

'It cannot be done in these circumstances, with my children, my parents, my resources/money, in this relationship, in this job, in this society...'

'There is still too much work, it will never work, so I will not start.' 


Conditioning of society, the media, the outside world and the people around you contributing to this imprint.

What you have seen and heard all your life.

The hidden messages/signals that you are subconsciously picking up.

You hear and see it (often) and incorporate it as truth into your reality. Now this has also become part of your reality and you live it.

These ideas and thoughts have a certain charge. They come with certain feelings, characteristics and/or identity constructs.

'Can I realize this?' 

'May I show myself completely, being visible and heard?'

'Am I capable of that?'

'Do I have the appropriate talents?'

'Can I do this alone?'

'Am I going to find the right people, the work, the materials,...?'

All those ideas go hand in hand with feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-confidence and strength.

Also trauma from this or previous lives prevents us from being our full selves, so that we don't live our dreams/missions/visions here on earth. The blockage or the leak in the water pipe, so that the water no longer flows through. The water no longer falls down abundantly. Various strategies (fight, flight, freeze and pleasing/fawning response) are being developed to deal with this.

An example from my life: Sticking the head above the water is too dangerous, because then the head can be pressed down again. I have been afraid to speak my truth and (sometimes still) I do no like to stand in the spotlight, because then I will be visible, seen and vulnerable. In past lives I have been imprisoned and killed for my being and healing work. So expressing myself came with a feeling of unsafety. Later in this life I have been bullied regarding the same theme. I said something and my classmates whispered. I was guessing what was being told. As a result, I interpreted it in various ways not in favor of my self-confidence. This made me withdraw, I was afraid to express myself and felt less happy and alive. I spoke less and less.

All these aspects, whether or not intertwined, ensure that you are not your full self, living this on earth.

On the other hand, you feel that living like this doesn't match with what you feel inside. It doesn't make you happy or is not fulfilling.

Can it be done differently? Of course.


My dream?

A new world

Harmonious self-sufficient coexistence in a beautiful place in nature.

I see myself living in nature surrounded by water and mountains, half on the mountain with a wide and open view. On the domain I see myself living in a simple residential unit built from natural materials. There are about ten residential units like this on the site, those of the core team, who have their permanent base here. We share and embody our values and our essence. The frequency of our nature is exhaled. Everyone has his/her specific talents and gifts, which are used in living together, in running and thriving of the place. Everything is in harmony and tandem with each other and the environment.


Working is no longer working, because you do what you like to do in your capacity and at your own pace. There is no longer a work schedule, you do everything in 'divine timing'. It feels like playing, playing with each other, nature and the environment. Beauty is a standard. Problems are not problems, everyone understands that difficulties and blockages can always be addressed and literally solved. There is no drama in the drama. Responsibility is inherent in our existence. There is a supportive climate, where we bring out the best in ourselves and stimulate that in others. The place is enjoying it and so are we. Food is provided organically on site. There is room for new out of the box innovations and creations in respect with nature. For energy utilities new techniques of free energy are used, supported by the latest technologies. This without harming ourselves and the earth, without exploiting resources.

Raising children is no longer a burden, children are seen for who they are and are given the space to explore and grow. The soil is provided to feed them. They get the chance to live their blueprint and are supported in what naturally interests them. Multidimensional experiences and capacities are no longer strange in this world. They bloom, grow and are getting more sharp by each one of us.

I see myself in this world as a steward, who brings the place to life, breathes it out and coordinates. I take care of the bedding and the energetic/emotional/ communicative hygiene.


How do I translate this to my current reality?


I lead the other and bring him/her in touch with what he/she really wants, to embody and experience this. I provide the space to explore yourself with your (multidimensional) capacities.

Where are things not yet aligned with your highest good, with what is meant for you?

I make this visible, let it come to the surface and then you align to who you really are and what you really want to bring here on earth.

This gives me wings. Are you flying with me?

Your dream?

I'm curious what your ultimate dream is.

How do you see yourself living and what ensures that you do not yet coincide with your main character?

To bring my dream more into reality - and so will yours - I offer the following.

Self Paced Online Program:

- Organic Healing


- Individual

- Relationship and family

- Group sessions  

With the common focus : aligning to your highest good - soul curriculum and mission, realization of your blueprint, organic healing,  authentic communication, truth over ego, authenticity and embodiment in your daily life

Conditions: basic self-awareness, willingness (with some resistance or not) - being able and willing to look at yourself, the will to change yourself and your life

If your dream coincides with mine, if it is your blueprint and you are ready to step into it. Then this is possible.

I am looking for a team to realize this together. 

What are the requirements?

- There is a match ;).

- Your values are embodied and aligned with mine.

- Your consciousness and embodiment are on point.

- You know your place in the story.

- There is a willingness and experience to heal organically, to communicate openly and to connect authentically.

If you still need to take steps to jump in completely, then I recommend the online program.

You can reach out to me personally, if you're ready and want more info.

'Contributing to your dream is also contributing to mine'

logo Paneel-1-2.jpg

Individual sessions

Focus dream 'self'

Distillation into your essence
by means of
- Alignment in all aspects of life
- Observation in action
-Expansion of consciousness
- Life as a reflection and a way for healing
- Clear interacting and communicating
- Energetic body work

- Movement as medicine and anchor
- Integration into everyday life

Relations and family


Focus dream 'organism'

Thriving in and as a relationship/family

-  Aligning dynamics and self-responsibility
- Observation in action

- Energetic mechanisms
- An organism as a way of healing
- Clear reflections
- Clear interacting and communicating

- Movement and embodiment as medicine
- Implementation in everyday life


Focus dream 'creation'

Gathering with co-creators

- Group as a holding
- Energetic and physical alignment of your life
- Space for transformations
- Blueprint realization

-Expansion of consciousness
- Life as a reflection and a way for healing

- Integration into everyday life


The words of a special men after 2 online counseling sessions:

"I'm going to say it again: you have given me a lot in a short time... I  never thought I would be able to connect so purely with my emotions through a screen. For so long I have been dissatisfied with my 'shell' here on Earth, but you have helped me see that I have a beautiful soul. I now really feel and believe in myself that I have a beautiful soul. There is nothing wrong with 'loving'. Thanks for cherishing my soul. I cherish yours. The saying: 'undressing my soul' has now taken on more meaning. I bared my soul to you, and you have handled it so careful and gentle ... blessed I am, to be so carried ... "

"How wonderful that love should not be projected onto one person, but may flow in all directions... A network of healing frequencies, with connections over small and large distances, sometimes through the walls...  "

" Maja Elien Van Bouchaute, I am so grateful that you tear my armor from my body. You make me softer, you make me more human.  

I can love everyone more and more because you allow me to express my feelings.  

I love life, I love myself, and I love you, my dear. "

Stef Coppieters - 57 years - Technician, Life Coach and Children's Interpreter


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